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Nuewee Organic Super Green Juice With Sea Buckthorn

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Nuewee Organic Super Green Juice with Sea Buckthorn brings you 8 of the world’s healthiest organic superfoods, together in one convenient and tasty scoop. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its renowned nutritional qualities. Together these superfoods help to reset your metabolism, cleanse your system, and fuel sustained energy. You’ll find alkalizing ingredients like organic spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa grass, wheat grass, oat grass, kale, moringa plus even more antioxidant and immune boosting ingredients in our super green juice. Sea Buckthorn is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, Flavonoids, Folic Acid, mostly notably antioxidant such as lycopene, and essential fatty acids such as Omega 7, and rich source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, chromium and selenium.

Nuewee Organic Super Green Juice with Sea Buckthorn 为您带来8个世界上最健康的有机超级食物。它不仅美味,而且每种成份都经过精心挑选和拥有丰富的营养品质。这些超级食物能帮助您提升新陈代谢,排出毒素,并且增加您的能量。产品拥有许多的有机绿色原料如螺旋藻,大麦草,苜蓿草,小麦草,燕麦草,甘蓝,辣木等成份,提供您更多的抗氧化剂和增强您的免疫功能。沙棘(Sea Buckthorn)含有丰富的维生素A,B1,B2,C,E,类黄酮,叶酸,其中主要是抗氧化剂如番茄红素,必需脂肪酸如Omega 7,富含钾,钙,镁,锰,铜,锌,铬和硒。

This ideal nutritious supplement is suitable for /这个营养饮料非常建议给:

  • Alkalize & Energize Your Body 碱化和加强身体能量
  • Lower PH Level 降低PH值
  • Detox Naturally 自然排毒
  • High Antioxidant 高抗氧化
  • Boost Immune System 增强免疫系统

Super Green Ingerdients Benefit 成分的好处:

有机大麦草 Organic Barley Grass

 -  细胞深沉排毒 (叶绿素)Poison - clear cell detoxification (chlorophyll)

有机小麦草 Organic Wheat Grass

活血、强心脏、降血糖、加速伤口愈合的作用  Blood circulation, strong heart, hypoglycemic, accelerate wound healing

有机甘蓝 Organic Kale

维护健康与增强免疫系统的功能,治疗皮肤病 Maintain health and enhance immune system function & Treatment of skin diseases

有机辣木 Organic Moringa

控制血糖、降血压、降血脂 Control blood sugar, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat

治疗中风 Treatment of stroke

有机螺旋藻 Organic Spirunila

改善营养状态 Improve the nutritional status

增强排毒力Enhance the detoxification

其他成分 Other Ingredients:

有机沙棘,柠檬和果糖  Organic Sea Buuckthorn Extract ,Lemon & Fructose

食用方式  Recommended Serving:

把1匙(8gm)的Nuewee Organic Super Green Juice的粉加入150毫升的冷水或温水,搅拌均匀即可饮用。

Mix 1 scoops (8gm) of the Nuewee Organic Super Green Juice with 150ml cold or warm water.Stir well and serve.

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