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Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein With Stem Cell

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Nuewee Organic Green Tea Protein with Stem Cell (extract from Seaweed Algae) is a nutritious healthy beverage which combines soy, a good source of protein and calcium, and green tea that is powerful antioxidant. Green Tea also contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and polyphenols which is commonly known to combat skin aging, intestinal ailments and helps to reduce the risk of hair loss. Stem Cell from Seaweed Algae helps in weight loss efforts, potentially cancer fighter, antioxidant effect and reduces the pain and inflammation.

Nuewee 有机绿茶蛋白粉与干细胞(萃取于海藻藻类)结合了富含蛋白质与钙质的大豆及超强的抗氧化剂绿茶,是一种营养丰富的保健饮品。绿茶含有丰富的绿茶含有丰富的儿茶素(EGCG)和多酚,有效的延缓老化过程,舒畅肠胃疾病并有助于降低脱发的风险。Nuewee 有机绿茶蛋白粉还包含海藻藻类干细胞,它有助于减肥,抗癌,高抗氧化作用及减少疼痛和炎症的发生。此外,Nuewee 有机绿茶蛋白粉与干细胞(萃取于海藻藻类)富含丰富的维生素C, 透明质酸(HA)和L-精氨酸。这些成份帮助增加皮肤水分,减少皱纹和眼部干燥,甚至有助于伤口和烧伤愈合,包括晒伤。


This ideal nutritious supplement is suitable for/ 这个营养饮料非常建议给:

  • Those who want to serve as meal replacement 想要替代膳食的人
  • Those who want to lose weight 想减肥瘦身的
  • Dry, dark and aging skin problem干燥,暗淡无光和老化的皮肤问题
  • Weak in immune system免疫系统弱的
  • Those who want to reduce fat and cholesterol想减少脂肪和胆固醇的人
  • Those who suffer in inflammation患有发炎的人


 2 匙 的 Nuewee 有机绿茶豆粉加入200毫升的冷水或温水,搅拌均匀即可饮用。