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Nuewee Organic Blackcurrant Protein With Grape Seed (Upgrade Formula)

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Nuewee Organic Blackcurrant with GrapeSeeds is 100% vegan product without anyartificial ingredients. The high protein content makes it an ideal source ofvegetable protein and valuable source of other nutrients like DHA, GOS,Probiotic, Calcium,Vitamin C and so on. Powder is also rich infibre, and low in saturated fats. The sweet flavor comes from the naturalblackcurrant powder and fructose so that it gives an extra energy boost to your protein serving. Added with Lutein whichis called as “Eye Vitamins” to prevent eye diseases including age-relatedmacular degeneration (AMD), cataracts and retinitis pigmentosa. The antioxidant contents in Grape Seed and Alpha OPCs are approximately 2 times morepowerful than vitamin E and as much as 4 times stronger than vitamin C. Health benefits of these Grape Seeds & OPCsinclude antibacterial, antiviral, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory,anti-allergic, and vasodilatory. 

Nuewee Organic Blackcurrant Protein with Grape Seeds isa healthy and natural way to optimize your daily nutrients need.This product is suitable for all age groups, especially growing children, busyworking group and senior citizen. 

Nuewee有机黑加仑子蛋白粉与葡萄籽是100%适合素食者,而且没有任何化学成份。这产品富含纤维,低饱和脂肪,蛋白质含量高,是摄取植物蛋白的理想来源。也含有DHA低聚半乳糖(GOS),益生菌,纳米钙,维他命C等其他营养素。甜味来自天然黑加仑粉和果糖,因此它可以成为您提供额外的能量。加上被称之为“眼睛维他命”的叶黄素,可减缓视力下降和预防眼部疾病如老年性黄斑变性(AMD),白内障和视网膜色素变性等眼疾。葡萄籽和Alpha OPCs抗氧化剂比维生素E强约2倍,比维生素C4倍。这些葡萄籽和OPCs的健康益处包括抗菌,抗病毒,抗癌,抗炎,抗过敏和血管扩张等好处。


This ideal nutritious supplement is suitable for/这个营养饮料非常建议给:

  • Improve your brain & memory Function改善你的大脑和记忆功能
  • Weak eyesight视力不佳
  • Reducing Swelling减少身体肿胀
  • Boost wound healing促进伤口愈合
  • Protect heart health保护心脏健康
  • Improve Skin’s elasticity增强皮肤的弹性
  • Obesity and weight lost肥胖和想减重的
  • Reduce and lighten pigmentation  淡化雀斑

Blackcurrant 成份好处 Benefit Ingerdients :

黑加仑子汁粉 Blackcurrant Juice Powder

保护心脑血管 Protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular


保护皮肤和美容美颜  Protect the skin, beauty and beauty


增进大脑细胞之发育DHA,DHA与胎儿发育 Improve brain cell development,DHA and fetal development

益生菌 Probiotic

有益于过敏(针对过敏性鼻炎),糖尿病与血糖控制 Beneficial to allergy (for allergic rhinitis),

Diabetes and glycemic control

食用方式 Recommended Serving:

把2匙Nuewee有机南瓜籽蛋白粉与姜加入200毫升的冷水或温水,搅拌均匀即可饮用。此外,您也可以加入即溶麦片或其他谷类饮料一起使用。Mix 2 scoops of Nuewee Organic Pumpkin Seed with 200ml cold or warm water.Stir well and serve.You may add in instant oat meal or other cereal as well.