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Christmas Gift Set CHOBS Face Care Kit Cleansing Brush & Fine Hairs Care

RM 109.00

Washing our face with our bare hands often leave traces of dirt and oil in our skin. This is why the experts have come up with this innovative electrical face brush.

It can helps to remove impurities that couldn't remove by using our bare hand.

Efficacy and effects:


1. Deep Cleansing:

1. 深层洁净:

2. Collagen Care and Managemnt
* Continuous deep pore cleansing through soft and flexible micro-bristle movement helps in care and maintenance of collagen.

2. 胶原蛋白保养和护理


3. Pore Care and Management
* Through Collagen management and deep cleansing soft and transparent skin is achieved.

3. 毛孔保护和 护理


4. Fine hairs removal (eyebrows and other fluff).  2 in 1 funcition

4. 細毛去除(眉毛和其他絨毛)。